Rhodesian Ridgebacks – Testimonials

Her brothers have accepted her now an honorary kitten…

Mike H. Albany NY


We wanted to send you pics of our little Ridgeback we named Harper. 🙂 She was the larger of the two females and has been adapting very well this last week! She loves her crate and is already a good walker. We think she’ll be a good runner! She’s already grown a ton since we’ve had her and looks like she’s going to get pretty big. All is going really well. We start our puppy training next week and have a dog walker come twice day. Everyone LOVES her. It’s been really fun and its amazing how much she’s changed our life already….Thanks again – we are so happy with our little Harper! Carly & Philip (New York, NY)
We were blessed with our Ruger from Royal Rhodesian. He is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Sweet, loving, and loyal. He keeps a close eye on my two children. When my boys( 8 &10 year old) are out and about, he follows along. Wonderful family dog. He is one of the family. When we take him places it is like being with a celebrity. People go out of their way to come and see him. Everyone wants​ to pet him and ask about him. Ruger has all the amazing characteristics of a Ridgeback. Ruger defines why this is such a great breed, and why RR is a great breeder.
M. Mattingly (Phoenix, AZ)
A big thank you to Royal Rhodesian Ridgebacks for the beautiful Olive, who is the perfect addition to the family!
Lorrie B. (Los Angeles, California)
We received the akc forms that you sent in the mail and will be sending them off shortly. Joey is doing wonderfully! We couldn’t be happier!! He is still pretty lean at about 70 lbs, so we’re hoping he’ll be putting some more weight on. He is excellent with training and is very food driven. We’ve also moved him out of the crate for nights and he sleeps upstairs in my room on his own bed. He loves it and hasn’t had an accident up there yet! He always barks or whines to let us know its time to go ha-ha! The bells on the doors have helped us with potty training as well. We’re very proud of him. We go to a local dog park here and he absolutely LOVES it. We love it too because he sleeps for hours afterwards. His temperament is very good and he does well with strangers. He’s become very attached to us as well and isn’t afraid to show it! Long naps together and trips to the park are some of our favorite activities. My younger sister Neena (if you remember her) was hospitalized twice this year, once in December, and again in January, and she missed him terribly. We had a therapy dog brought to her hospital room and it instantly brightened her mood. Having Joey at home, waiting for her when she got back made the transition very smooth. He has helped us immensely as a therapy dog and we will always be indebted to him for that. I have attached two pictures of him, one is a highly embarrassing photo of our typical Friday night watching tv with Joey sprawled out on the couch with us. I will send another update in the next few months (with more pics) and would love for you to use that one as a testimonial.Thank you for everything!!!….Rashna (Bryan Mawr, PA)
My Wife Victoria and I Just wanted to say Thank You ! The Ridgeback pup you sold us on September 14th of 2013 is doing GREAT!! We absolutely love him !!! We are so happy we bought a puppy from you!! I cannot thank you enough !!!  The name we chose for our Ridgeback is Atlas. Here are some pictures of him . He is now 6 months old and weighs about 65 pounds .Thanks again….Dustin and Victoria (Newton, NJ)
First off, too anyone reading this, if your interested in adding a member to your family and a Ridgeback is the breed you pick Rhodesian Ridgebacks as your go to place. We got our puppy Jackson aka Jax, aka Monster in December of 2014 as a 2 month old puppy. His health was perfect and his looks were amazing, he was the first group of pups from Thati who is incredible to look at. Jax has the best personality anyone could possibly ask for from a dog, he
loves people, other dogs, and doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He is a bit intimidating when he approaches someone new but as soon as he gets to them his ears roll back and the smile comes out. He loves to play and is
very very smart and will try to outwit us at every chance. Jax is now 8 months old and weighs 106Lbs and is in perfect health. When we visit the vets office every employee takes a couple minutes to come check his growth
and say hi. I cannot say everything I want to cause there’s just so much but bottom line is Jax has changed our lives in many ways and I could not imagine life without him. Thank you Rhodesian Ridgebacks for this amazing dog and best
wishes.    Tyson & Erica (Clifton Park, NY)
On October 5 we wound though the beautiful fall-colored hills of upstate New York near Worcester to find the home nestled down a picturesque country road. The grounds were pristine and tranquil as we awaited your arrival. After the business part of the transaction was completed sitting at the out-door table surrounded by nature, Lisa brought out our beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Amari, a wheaten-colored, bright-eyed marvel with a black muzzle that captured our hearts on sight. It is easy to tell his breeding is exceptional. He is so intelligent but is also affectionate, energetic and tolerant with such a calm and gentle spirit. He is a credit to his bloodlines to be sure. We so appreciated having you share your wealth of knowledge with us on training, care and feeding. Your warmth and genuine desire to see that your puppies go to good homes is to be commended. We spent a very pleasurable hour and a half with you and were so pleased to be able to meet Lisa as well. We will always look back fondly at our time at our time with you and hope to visit there again some day. Amari was the perfect gentlemen on the plane trip back to Alabama. On each flight our fellow passengers were unaware that he was aboard as he was so well-behaved and calm. Amari has been nothing but a joy since we’ve been home. He and Otis, our Boston terrier, get along great and he only cries if he needs to go outside, even at night. We have never seen a more agreeable puppy and would recommend you to anyone looking for a top-notch breeder from whom to purchase a high quality puppy. Thank you, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Diane and Lisa for giving us this wonderful opportunity to own this very special friend. Mike and Dvorah (Trussville, Al)

Hi Rhodesian Ridgebacks,  Finally got you some pic of Amari (Rhodesian Ridegack on right), who is 7 months old as you know, but very beautiful as you said he would be. A real heart stopper, he weighs in at a solid 82 pounds, lean and very athletic. A wonderful personality also sweet and loving guy. He is my therepy and my buddy. Thank you soooooooooo much for breeding such a magnificent companion for our family. Will keep in touch as he grows, seems to me this is going to be a very big boy. I’m kkeping him lean and trim, no fat dog here, ha-ha. Much love to you and the guys and Lisa….. Ridgeback lovers forever….Pastor Mike and Dvorah C (Drusoville, AL).

Thought I’d send you some pictures and an update on Amari as he is now almost 18 months old.  As you can see from the pictures he has a beautiful red coat with darker markings with hardly any white in the chest.  He is friendly and happy and is still very playful although he is settling down some what.  He is becoming more obedient all the time and comes when called, goes into his cage on command and the other usual necessities.  He is a pleasure to have as part of the family and we get comments all the time on how beautiful he is thanks to your wonderful breading and selection process.Many Blessings….Mike and Dvorah (Drusoville, AL)


Hope this message finds you well. Thought we’d send another update. Dzimba is doing great! Even with our newest addition Quinn (9 months old last week). Although it was a long winter, we enjoyed the outdoors. And, we’re planning a family trip to the Adirondacks again later this Spring! His is a wonderful puppy – great character, snuggly, energetic, a great family dog and always ready for a hike! We are so happy we were able to adopt him from you. Thank you. We’ll be looking to adopt another puppy in the next year or so… that way Quinn and Dzimba have another playmate! Pictures attached. Enjoy!…Robyn (Yonkers, NY


Update – Josh and I are ready to start talking to you about adopting another Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy from you. You may recall, we adopted our eldest “child”, Dzimba, from you . <<I’ve attached a couple of photos!>> He’s goes everywhere with us! He’s a PERFECT dog-child! And a great big brother. Quinn and Dzimba are best friends. They follow each other around and rarely leave each other’s side. I’m confident there isn’t a better dog! We couldn’t be happier! We love him dearly! Will you have puppies available again in the coming months? Thank you,
Robyn (Yonkers, NY)

Here’s a photo of our Caipi with Alexy taken today. Our puppy is healthy and a well established and happy family member! We will start starting obedience training next week. All the best, and a happy 2013…..Ingo (Stamford, CT)
Newman’s mother is Bongo and his father is Duke. Andrew went to New York to get him in February . Newman will be 2 in December and still has his puppy ways! at 6 months old we took him to weekly training classes at a local animal shelter, and he attended a two week overnight doggy bootcamp, 6 months after that Newman is a well behaved, sweet dog. He loves all other dogs and gets along with children very well. We have 3 nieces, a 2 year old, a 1 year old and a 4 month old and “Newm” is very sweet and gentle with them. Our 15 acre property allows for nature walks lots of chasing deer and squirrels. Although, Newman wouldn’t hurt them if he did catch one. Newman’s daily schedule begins with our cat, Thomas, who wakes us up at 6 am to go catch some mice. Newman goes out and returns on his own within 5 minutes, we think he just like to survey the yard every morning. Newman waits patiently while Emily gets ready for work, then he piles into her car and to spend some of the day in her sister’s large, fenced in dog yard with Emily’s sister’s Weimaraner, occasinally accompanied by her cousins husky mix and beagles mix dogs. After work its time for dinner then a little walk in the yard. Newman loves being with people, he loves to be petted, his coat is so smooth and he is so lovable. Thanks Rhodesian Ridgebacks….Andrew & Emily (Newport, RI)
Hey Rhodesian Ridgebacks !! I’m sorry that you haven’t heard from us since we got the puppy. It’s been busy with school things going on, plus the puppy (Max) does keep me busy. He is doing great though. Getting big, and he’s a punk. He loves to cuddle, he gets along great with my other dog, and he is very smart. Mel needs to download a recent picture of him so I can send it to you. He’s growing soooo fast. One of my neighbors that walks everyday says she can see him getting bigger from one day to the next. He can now see out the front door which was a challenge for him before. He would (and still does if he needs to) stand on his back legs with his front legs on my other dogs back so that he could see what was going on outside. It’s pretty funny to see it. He is absolutely a beautiful dog. Thanks for providing us with such an amazing dog. I promise to send a picture soon….Cheryl, Mel, Ashley & Emily (Walden, NY)
How are you? I thought I should write and give you an update of how I am doing. You could have not picked a better family for me. The Henneys just love me so much. Their two daughters treat me like a little baby. Every other Saturday they have a trainer come to our house for an hour to teach me how to behave. I look at it as another opportunity to get treats. I do listen and I am improving. Rhodesian Ridgebacks, you would be proud of me. When they take me for a walk everyone who meets me says I am beautiful. I just wag my tail and act like I never heard that before. Ridgebacks are so beautiful. They feed me Sensible Choice just like you suggested. My last trip to the vet I weighed almost 50 pounds and I am now five months old. Tell my mom and dad that I miss them but I am loving life here in Rockford, Michigan. Tell mom that I sleep alot and am nice to other dogs. Tell dad that I look a lot like him and that I can run really fast. I love to play with my soccer ball and when Chet is working in his woodshop I hang around and he calls me his shop dog. He takes me for rides in his van everyday. Mrs. Henney loves me too and she smells really nice. I like to follow her around and she says that she can’t get anything done. I can’t help that I just love hanging out with my new family. I sent a picture of me lying in Mrs. Henney’s chaise lounge. At first I was not allowed to touch it but I kept jumping on it until they gave in. They love me. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks again for choosing the Henneys for me. Tell everyone that I said “Hi” and that Elwood is doing great. Love,….Elwood Henney (the puppy) (Rockford, MI)
Hi Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Diane and the staff, We wanted to let you know how our 15 week old Ridgeback is doing. Hunter (the puppy) is now 36 lbs. He grows bigger with each nap he takes. What a sweet disposition. He is very smart. in the last six weeks we have mastered quite a few commands. Sit, stay, down, paw, heal, no, off, and he is housebroken ( unless we make a mistake understanding his signals). We had a private trainer work with us for the last four weeks, still two more to go and he is doing outstanding. He starts puppy kindergarten on Thursday for an additional six weeks. I can now take him with me for a three mile walk in the morning being that he has had most of his shots. He loves it and looks forward to it. he is great with my customers and they all love him. He has the most beautiful face with his black nose and ears, his markings on his chest look just like his father Duke. he is gorgeous. I cannot stop kissing him. My kids love him and can’t get enough of him. He is very spoiled with love. I find the hardest thing is the competition between him and my Shitzu. they really love each other but they both want all the attention. So we are working on that. We have people stopping us in the street because he is such a prince. He has a very proud way about him. Sticking his chest out looking like a very focused and well behaved dog. We call him our baby. Thank you so much for picking out the perfect Ridgeback for our family. we also want you to know that your establishment is most impressive. I will send you a picture of Hunter. Thanks again….Charlie & Kathy C. & Family. (Long Island, NY)
Sorry it has taken me so long to write back to you. I have been working and traveling a ton. Getting moved backed to Tennessee turned into an ordeal. Had to paint my apartment in Oklahoma and spilt paint all over the bed and floor. Then on the way home I got a ticket driving a Uhaul. So then when I got home I had to paint my room and move all the supplies from
the far end of the school to my room. And since then I’ve just been teaching and coaching all day. Which I like. Gunner by the way has been the best dog. Him and Hopper are like peas in a pod; they play all day and they love the woods. He has gotten a lot redder in his coat. He is gorgeous. He is such a big sweety. He weighs 44lbs know and seems to get bigger everyday; smart little guy too. I can take him everywhere without his leash now; he just follows right behind me. I usually take him to the school football field and throw a tennis ball for the boys. Its funny to watch because Gunner is tall enough that Hopper can cut right under his legs and not touch him. Here are some pictures me and Cody took the boys to the Ocoee river.
There we walked to Chilhowee Mountain and went to the waterfall. The boys love the water. Thank you for everything, I will mail you some pictures for your website if you will give me the address you would like me to send it to. For now though I hope you like the attached pictures. Thank you for everything; having him and hopper to come home to makes my day! Thank you again….Rusty (Somewhere In, TN)
Well, as they say, a picture tells a story, and I’m sure you can see from this picture that Scout is alive and well and thriving. I cannot even begin to tell you how much pleasure she brings to us, but I will try to bring you up to date. Where to start? First of all, I have had dogs all my life, usually more than one at the same time and I have never had a dog with this sweet a temperament. Scout loves everyone – four and two footed. She is not submissive when met with doggy animosity, but does back off. For example, a month or so ago, she was playing with an Australian Shepherd that we happened to meet at an adventure race. The shepherd decided she’d had enough and “reprimanded” Scout who has never had enough. Scout snarled right back, turned and regally walked away and came and hid her face in my legs. She spent the next 5 hours right next to the other dog and never again made eye contact. It was like that mean dog didn’t exist. That’s Scout. We find that she’s so friendly with humans that she scares them when we are out on a run. She will stay right next to us (off leash) as long as the other person doesn’t make eye contact, but if they do, she considers it an open invitation to run over and greet the new friend. Not everyone is overjoyed to see an 85 lb dog barreling toward them – huh, go figure! Speaking of running, Scout runs 7-10 miles nearly every day likes it even more if Ned rides his mountain bike since that’s faster. She’s fast, agile, incredibly strong, and a wonderful trail running companion. She’s even great on the road where, of course, she’s on leash. She gets complimented constantly when I bring her to group runs with my running club. People tell me their dogs would never behave as well as she does. I don’t even know I have a dog on the end of the leash. She knows she has to stay on the same side of things as I so the leash doesn’t get tangled and I find I just run and chat with my 2 legged running buddies and don’t even think about her. Which brings me to her demeanor when out and about. Scout likes to do what we call her imitation of “the perfect dog.” I brought her to a little league game where she lay down so the children could easily pet her and was so calm, gentle and sweet that people could not believe that she was only a year old at the time. We laugh because when we come down first thing in the morning and let Rocky and Scout out of their (shared) crate, Scout is like Cujo. She goes absolutely wild with excitement. No one would ever believe she could calm down if they saw her then. By the time she’s had a run and breakfast, she’s like another dog. A few months ago, I wondered how she would like agility. On our trail runs, she often has to ford steams, cross log bridges, jump obstacles, etc. and she loves it, so I thought she would be a natural. I called a local instructor I knew and talked to her about “Agility Fundamentals.” It’s a beginner class, and the instructor owns her own Rhodesians. I was worried because the class has a lot of prerequisites and Scout had never attended any class. On our first night, we went around and introduced ourselves. Every dog there had been to Puppy Kindergarten, Family Dog I, Family Dog II and Family Dog III – some numerous times for the last one. The dogs were all at least 2 years old. When it was my turn, I said Scout was 15 months old and had been “home schooled.” You should have seen the eye rolling that caused. Everyone backed away. By the time that first class was over, Scout was garnering compliments left and right. She was completely focused on the tasks, and did everything I asked. She was the only dog who was comfortable at that stage working off leash. Additionally, she was the only “big dog” in the class that all the small dog owners wanted to stand next to since they and their dogs knew she wasn’t a threat, but the big dogs steered clear. She sailed through Agility Fundamentals so easily that the instructor advised us to skip Agility I and Scout and I started Agility II last week. Again, I was needlessly concerned about her fitting in. She is the best behaved, most focused dog in the class. The tougher the obstacle, the more she enjoys it. She LOVES climbing the A-frame and dog walk. She comes streaking out of the tunnel and looks to me to see where to go next. The other dogs come streaking out of the tunnel and take off across the room/field for the other dogs. How silly they are! Anyway, as I’m sure you can tell, we adore Scout. She is absolutely everything we hoped for in a dog. We are so very very glad that we contacted you and made the trip out to Worcester to meet you and the dogs and finally to pick Scout up. You did a wonderful job choosing her for us. I still remember the moment that you put her in my arms and said, “Here she is. She’s a brat.” I told Ned on the way home that we should never have asked for a high energy dog. I worried it would be a disaster. How wrong I was! She was a cinch to house train, has never chewed something she shouldn’t, was a snap to obedience train and is a love. Every morning while she does her Cujo act we remember that we asked for high energy, but we wouldn’t have her any other way. She patrols our 3 acres for chipmunks and squirrels for hours, but doesn’t even bark when strange cars pull down the driveway. We had to get a “stubborn dog” collar for her because she wanted so badly to go visit the neighbors (surprising them in their kitchen when they left the door open), yet if while on a run she sees a squirrel and tenses to chase and I say, “No, Scout. Stay with me.” She stays. She’s amazing. She’s EXACTLY what we wanted – smart, sweet and an athlete. Thank you so much for Scout. She is the perfect dog for us. We can’t imagine ever buying a dog from anyone else. Please give Duke and Jasmine an extra treat tonight from their little girl and her thankful family. Merry Christmas to everyone, and best wishes for puppies in the new year! ….The Kennedys (Bolton, CT)
Leo just turned 14 weeks old and I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying him.  I have wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback since I first saw one working as a police dog in 1993.  When I moved to New York and saw how many great trails there were, I knew it was time to get a traveling companion.  I called around to a few breeders and wasn’t feeling comfortable, then I found your website.  I still remember talking to you for the first time with my million questions.  After assuring me a Rhodesian Ridgeback would make a great pet for me, you said, “Just come visit and I’ll show you some great dogs that you’re going to love.”  No truer words have been spoken.  As I pulled onto your property, I was immediately impressed with how beautifully maintained it was.  I became even more impressed when I got to see the dogs and personally witness how well they were treated.  It gave me a lot of assurance that I had found the right breeder. I personally feel like Leo was the pick of the litter.  After visiting him shortly after he was born, you told me that when I take him out, people are going to notice.  You were right there, too.  I can’t recall having gone one day without someone commenting on what a beautiful and friendly dog Leo is.  People have even stopped in the middle of the road to make a comment!  He’s also a very intelligent dog.  In addition to the sit/down/stay commands, he’s already heeling on and off the leash!  Needless to say, if anyone is ever looking for a great puppy buying experience, and they want a breed you raise, I’ll be sure to steer them your way. Thanks for everything….Tony (Delmar, NY).
Rhodesian Ridgebacks,This week marks four years since I received the greatest birthday gift I have ever gotten. My Rhodesian Ridgeback, Jake is the love of my life and I wanted to take time to give you an update on our lives.

Since our visit to the farm four years ago, we moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma where we first lived with the Perry family, then on our own. Jake quickly became the neighborhood dog with the kids. My doorbell would ring and a 6-year-old boy would ask, “Can Jake come out and play?” He was so well behaved that he would often come to work with me at the Museum. A year later, we moved home to the St. Louis suburbs and in with my parents and their chocolate Labrador. And now we are back on our own, living the city life in St. Louis. Jake is the most adaptable dog ever! He protects the house with his big bark, but welcomes our visitors with love. We just took a 12 hour trip back to Colorado where he played with children from 2 to 10, went to the dog park and made best friends with the Alaskan Malamute we stayed with. We visited the USA Wrestling office where everyone was astounded at his perfect manners and large stature.

Thanks to your AMAZING puppy selection abilities, I have the greatest dog in the world. Everything you told me has come true. My “big meatball” is now a healthy 100 pounds without an ounce of fat. We are regularly stopped by folks gushing about how handsome Jake is and thenremarking at his kind demeanor. Not only is he a gorgeous Ridgeback, but he has the perfect temperament. I don’t know how you did it, but you chose EXACTLY the dog for me! Jake is the biggest cuddler ever, always happy to curl up on the couch with me (or anyone else for that
matter) and watch a movie, then he keeps me warm every night in bed (saving me lots on the heating bill!). Jake is a regular at Home Depot and Lowe’s, always on his best behavior. He loves to go to my grandfather’s Alzheimer home and visit with all the residents. We have worked hard at our training – he doesn’t jump or lick, no begging
for food and he knows lots of tricks!

I can take my boy anywhere. He loves children and other dogs, protects me and loves me, welcomes friends into our home and has perfect dog manners. It is amazing to watch him win over anyone. We walk the neighborhood and he patiently lets even the most nervous people pet him. Folks who swear they are not dog people end up loving Jake!

I can’t believe the human-like characteristics he has developed. I swear he understands English! I could go on and on about how wonderful he is, but I think you get the idea by now. All that’s left to say is, THANK YOU. I never thought I would love him as much as I do. “Jacob Dormey” (my Sleepy Jake as you and the boys named him) is
just simply a perfect dog! And my baby.

Sara (St. Louis, MO)

Matt and I just wanted to send you a picture of Bo (from Duke and Bongo’s litter) who will be 6 months in mid-June. He’s really growing fast and we love having him in our family! He has already traveled to Cape Cod and gone camping with us. He has proven to be a good travel and hiking companion. Everywhere we go he is the center of attention, people are always asking about him and wanting to know where we got him. He is by far the best looking dog around! He has completed his puppy class and will start beginner obedience training this month. He is definitly showing a stubborn streak however and does not like to be out of our sight. Th Invisible Fence is working wonderfully – he mastered that in a couple of days. We couldn’t have asked for a more intelligent and handsome puppy. We hope all is well with you….. Thank you….Bridget and Matt (Melrose, NY)


Matt and I just wanted to share a photo of Bo to show you how wonderfully he is turning out. He has just turned one in December and continues to grow!  He has really turned a corner in these last months and we have noticed an overall improvement in his behavior and attentiveness. He does very well off leash and continues to be the center of attention wherever we are.  He loves to be out on the trail and experienced hiking in the snow this year.  He is alert and watchful like I wanted, while being very friendly and gentle as Matt had hoped. Thanks again, and if I can convince Matt, we may be back one day for a “friend” for Bo!….Bridget and Matt (Melrose, NY)

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Mosi. We have had him for 2 months now, and we love him more and more everyday! He is such a great puppy, so smart but so goofy at the same time. We can’t go anywhere without people stopping us and asking a million questions about him. He is just gorgeous, and he’s starting to look a lot like his dad, Duke! Thank you so much for Mosi!!….Erin and Brendan (Boston, MA)


It has taken us awhile to check in with you. But, better late than never!
We wanted to share some pictures of our darling Dzimba, who we got from
you last January. He’s gorgeous, playful, loving, smart… everything we
wanted in a Ridgeback. He’s a WONDERFUL dog! and we are so very happy you
let him come live with us! (Maryland)
They say if you’re lucky… truly lucky… you get that one dog. That one who is in perfect sync, connects and partners with you like no other. I had that with my last Ridgeback, so it’s little wonder I arrived at your farm, misty-eyed and broken hearted. But you sent me home with a tremendous gift — a velvety bundle and reason to smile.
Honoria is stunning! Gorgeous red wheaten color, beautiful proportions, magnificent ridge and most importantly – an outstanding temperament. She has that classic Rhodesian Ridgeback temperament: incredibly smart, calm, steady and independent. Well acclimated to being touched and handled, she is happy and settling into her new life beautifully. So it must be that I am very, very lucky. Honoria and I are well on our way to achieving that perfect sync. It seems I’ll be fortunate enough to have two dogs with that magical bond. Rhodesian Ridgebacks, you have given me a tremendous gift, and for that I will be ever thankful. Helen (Syracuse, NY)
Hi Rhodesian Ridgebacks, I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know that our little Ridgeback angel is doing great! We named her Grady. We’ve only had her for a little over a week and she already is such a big part of our family. She is doing so great! I can’t thank you enough! Sincerely….Joy (Warwick, NY)Hi Rhodesian Ridgebacks, I just wanted to send you some pictures of our birthday girl. I cannot believe that she is already 1. Please make sure that you give Cheetah and Pooka some extra treats today and let them know that Grady is doing great! Our best to you always.Sincerely…. Joy (Warwick, NY)

p.s. Isn’t she just gorgeous!

Rhodesian_Ridgeback_wyatt_52110_largeOne year ago today Binoche and Pooka became the proud parents of two little pups. The handsome little boy became my new baby boy. I picked Wyatt up on July 11 at 2 months old and he weighed a hefty 17 pounds. Today on his birthday he’s a solid 110 pounds. Wyatt is a smart but stubborn fella. He has mastered quite a number of commands including sit, down, wait, come, move, hello, speak, watch me, off, and leave it!. He successfully completed puppy beginner’s class. All the other pet parents were awed with his size, gentleness and laid back nature. When all the other dogs were barking and pulling in class Wyatt just turned his head from left to right and looked at the other dogs as if to say, “what’s up?” I enrolled him in this class to socialize him with other dogs and he played well with his classmates. I always get one of two comments from strangers on my walks with Wyatt, it never fails. Those comments are “That’s a good looking dog!” or “Wow, that’s a big dog!” and both comments are followed by one question, “What kind of dog is he?” I must admit he is a handsome fella! Although, he is quite friendly he is becoming a bit more aloof with strangers (true to his breed) he can stare at some folks so hard I have to give him the watch me command with a firm tug on his collar. Wyatt’s my heart and like his predecessor Caleb an adopted rescued shelter older dog (106 pound classic Doberman Pinscher who shared my life for 8 wonderful years) Wyatt can make people cross to the opposite side of the road when we walk down the street and he’s just a puppy. Thanks so much for working with me to acquire my new bundle of joy…Sylvia (Maryland)