Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Breed Info

The Rhodesian RIdgeback is a breed established in the early 1920’s in South Africa and sometimes known as the “lion dog”. It is an active, smart, playful breed that loves home life. Averaging about 70 to 90 lbs. as an adult, they are generally 25″ to 27″ in height. They are light wheaten to red wheaten in color with a nose that will be brown, black or liver. Their short dense coat is easy to manage and the distinct ridge of hair down the middle of the back is what gives the Rhodesian Ridgeback it’s name.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are friendly dogs that are loyal, get along well with other animals and enjoy running, walks, and roaming free in a fenced in yard or park. Rhodesian Ridgebacks make a great jogging companion or biking buddy.