Hi Diane, I just wanted to send you an update on Gus (Augustus). We have had Gus a for a month now and he has been a perfect boy. He is fully house broken, crate trained and loves his walks. Gus is a a hit in our nieghborhood, everyone stops us and wants to know more about him. He loves people and is very friendly and gentle. Our family volunteers to come over and spend time with him.We cant wait for the warmer weather to take Gus swimiming and to explore more. We couldnt have asked for or expected such a handsome well behavied boy. Thank you for choosing him for us. Looking foward to sending you more updates on Gus. Charlie and Christine

Hi Diane,

Wow - time flies!!! I happened to see your post on Facebook about a new litter of puppies and I thought to myself - I should send Diane some updated pictures of Charlie! I can't believe he will be 2 this July.

He is such an awesome dog and he will be upgrading to "big brother" this summer! Brian and I are expecting our first child this summer ☺. We are so excited and know that the two dogs will be great big brothers! Charlie is about 75 pounds now and loves going on hikes and also loves napping! We joke that he "plays hard and sleeps hard!" He enjoys going to doggy daycare two days a week and socializes great with other dogs. We are still working with him on leashed walks because he tends to bark at other dogs on the leash - but when he is off leash or at day care he is as calm as can be! My brother has a mini-daschund and the two of them are the funniest pair! They love chasing each other around and playing even though she is only 10 pounds.

We love Charlie so much and I hope your new litter is all going to great homes! You have bred an amazing dog!!
We hope all is well in NY!

Liz (Worcester, MA)

Hope you’re well! Just wanted to give you a little update about our girl! She’s absolutely amazing, we love her so much!We’re so thankful to have Phoenix! I’ve attached some pictures for you!Thank you, Alana (Lindenhurst, NY)

Roux and I are doing great! I’m slowly introducing him to our home and property. We had our first visit to the Veterinarian this morning. All the Vet techs were fawning all over him. It’s the first time I’ve seen a dog Come out happier than when he went in! The Vet came out to say Roux has one of the nicest dispositions he’s seen in a puppy. I let them all know exactly where they can go if they want one. If your interested he’s being cared for by Arlington Animal Hospital in Arlington, VT. He is such a love, all he wants is to just be around people, that’s all. He has me cracking up all day long. Thank you so very much for this experience. If you ever want to know anything at all please call or email. Howard Z. (Vermont)

Hope you are happy and doing great! Approaching nine months Roux is eighty two pounds, happy and healthy. We hike at least three miles everyday. He is such a Love. My family always invites him and loves him. He’s good with kids, adults, other dogs... he’s awesome! Just a smart and happy boy. We go everywhere together. Howard Z. (Vermont)

Hope you are doing well with all this snow. Bella is healthy. She had her first visit last week and is getting her booster vaccines next week. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog. Thalia (New York, NY)

Newman's mother is Bongo and his father is Duke. Andrew went to New York to get him in February . Newman will be 2 in December and still has his puppy ways! at 6 months old we took him to weekly training classes at a local animal shelter, and he attended a two week overnight doggy bootcamp, 6 months after that Newman is a well behaved, sweet dog. He loves all other dogs and gets along with children very well. We have 3 nieces, a 2 year old, a 1 year old and a 4 month old and "Newm" is very sweet and gentle with them. Our 15 acre property allows for nature walks lots of chasing deer and squirrels. Although, Newman wouldn't hurt them if he did catch one. Newman's daily schedule begins with our cat, Thomas, who wakes us up at 6 am to go catch some mice. Newman goes out and returns on his own within 5 minutes, we think he just like to survey the yard every morning. Newman waits patiently while Emily gets ready for work, then he piles into her car and to spend some of the day in her sister's large, fenced in dog yard with Emily's sister's Weimaraner, occasinally accompanied by her cousins husky mix and beagles mix dogs. After work its time for dinner then a little walk in the yard. Newman loves being with people, he loves to be petted, his coat is so smooth and he is so lovable. Thanks Rhodesian Ridgebacks....Andrew & Emily (Newport, RI)

We wanted to send you pics of our little Ridgeback we named Harper. 🙂 She was the larger of the two females and has been adapting very well this last week! She loves her crate and is already a good walker. We think she'll be a good runner! She's already grown a ton since we've had her and looks like she's going to get pretty big. All is going really well. We start our puppy training next week and have a dog walker come twice day. Everyone LOVES her. It's been really fun and its amazing how much she's changed our life already....Thanks again - we are so happy with our little Harper! Carly & Philip (New York, NY)

We were blessed with our Ruger from Royal Rhodesian. He is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Sweet, loving, and loyal. He keeps a close eye on my two children. When my boys( 8 &10 year old) are out and about, he follows along. Wonderful family dog. He is one of the family. When we take him places it is like being with a celebrity. People go out of their way to come and see him. Everyone wants​ to pet him and ask about him. Ruger has all the amazing characteristics of a Ridgeback. Ruger defines why this is such a great breed, and why RR is a great breeder.
M. Mattingly (Phoenix, AZ)

We received the akc forms that you sent in the mail and will be sending them off shortly. Joey is doing wonderfully! We couldn't be happier!! He is still pretty lean at about 70 lbs, so we're hoping he'll be putting some more weight on. He is excellent with training and is very food driven. We've also moved him out of the crate for nights and he sleeps upstairs in my room on his own bed. He loves it and hasn't had an accident up there yet! He always barks or whines to let us know its time to go ha-ha! The bells on the doors have helped us with potty training as well. We're very proud of him. We go to a local dog park here and he absolutely LOVES it. We love it too because he sleeps for hours afterwards. His temperament is very good and he does well with strangers. He's become very attached to us as well and isn't afraid to show it! Long naps together and trips to the park are some of our favorite activities. My younger sister Neena (if you remember her) was hospitalized twice this year, once in December, and again in January, and she missed him terribly. We had a therapy dog brought to her hospital room and it instantly brightened her mood. Having Joey at home, waiting for her when she got back made the transition very smooth. He has helped us immensely as a therapy dog and we will always be indebted to him for that. I have attached two pictures of him, one is a highly embarrassing photo of our typical Friday night watching tv with Joey sprawled out on the couch with us. I will send another update in the next few months (with more pics) and would love for you to use that one as a testimonial.Thank you for everything!!!....Rashna (Bryan Mawr, PA)

I hope all is well in NY!  We just wanted to send along some pictures of Charlie and a quick update since it has been a while since we sent any pictures! Charlie is a very handsome boy and is getting big too fast!!!  He is definitely a little teenager now and is about 50 pounds.  He loves his big brother Cooper, he is the biggest snuggler ever, loves going for a car ride, loved his first trip to the beach - but not too sure about the water yet!  He is very smart and food oriented which has made training pretty easy.  He is very good off leash and loves going for walks on trails with his brother and two lab cousins!  We have introduced him to our doggy daycare that Cooper attends and he LOVES it!!  He can't get out of the car quick enough to go play with his friends.  He is so social and has acclimated so well to our life!  We love him!! Liz & Brian (Worcester, MA)

First off, too anyone reading this, if your interested in adding a member to your family and a Ridgeback is the breed you pick Rhodesian Ridgebacks as your go to place. We got our puppy Jackson aka Jax, aka Monster in December of 2014 as a 2 month old puppy. His health was perfect and his looks were amazing, he was the first group of pups from Thati who is incredible to look at. Jax has the best personality anyone could possibly ask for from a dog, he
loves people, other dogs, and doesn't have a bad bone in his body. He is a bit intimidating when he approaches someone new but as soon as he gets to them his ears roll back and the smile comes out. He loves to play and is
very very smart and will try to outwit us at every chance. Jax is now 8 months old and weighs 106Lbs and is in perfect health. When we visit the vets office every employee takes a couple minutes to come check his growth
and say hi. I cannot say everything I want to cause there's just so much but bottom line is Jax has changed our lives in many ways and I could not imagine life without him. Thank you Rhodesian Ridgebacks for this amazing dog and best
wishes.    Tyson & Erica (Clifton Park, NY)

On October 5 we wound though the beautiful fall-colored hills of upstate New York near Worcester to find the home nestled down a picturesque country road. The grounds were pristine and tranquil as we awaited your arrival. After the business part of the transaction was completed sitting at the out-door table surrounded by nature, Lisa brought out our beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Amari, a wheaten-colored, bright-eyed marvel with a black muzzle that captured our hearts on sight. It is easy to tell his breeding is exceptional. He is so intelligent but is also affectionate, energetic and tolerant with such a calm and gentle spirit. He is a credit to his bloodlines to be sure. We so appreciated having you share your wealth of knowledge with us on training, care and feeding. Your warmth and genuine desire to see that your puppies go to good homes is to be commended. We spent a very pleasurable hour and a half with you and were so pleased to be able to meet Lisa as well. We will always look back fondly at our time at our time with you and hope to visit there again some day. Amari was the perfect gentlemen on the plane trip back to Alabama. On each flight our fellow passengers were unaware that he was aboard as he was so well-behaved and calm. Amari has been nothing but a joy since we’ve been home. He and Otis, our Boston terrier, get along great and he only cries if he needs to go outside, even at night. We have never seen a more agreeable puppy and would recommend you to anyone looking for a top-notch breeder from whom to purchase a high quality puppy. Thank you, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Diane and Lisa for giving us this wonderful opportunity to own this very special friend. Mike and Dvorah (Trussville, Al)

Hi Rhodesian Ridgebacks,  Finally got you some pic of Amari (Rhodesian Ridegack on right), who is 7 months old as you know, but very beautiful as you said he would be. A real heart stopper, he weighs in at a solid 82 pounds, lean and very athletic. A wonderful personality also sweet and loving guy. He is my therepy and my buddy. Thank you soooooooooo much for breeding such a magnificent companion for our family. Will keep in touch as he grows, seems to me this is going to be a very big boy. I'm kkeping him lean and trim, no fat dog here, ha-ha. Much love to you and the guys and Lisa..... Ridgeback lovers forever....Pastor Mike and Dvorah C (Drusoville, AL).

Thought I'd send you some pictures and an update on Amari as he is now almost 18 months old.  As you can see from the pictures he has a beautiful red coat with darker markings with hardly any white in the chest.  He is friendly and happy and is still very playful although he is settling down some what.  He is becoming more obedient all the time and comes when called, goes into his cage on command and the other usual necessities.  He is a pleasure to have as part of the family and we get comments all the time on how beautiful he is thanks to your wonderful breading and selection process.Many Blessings....Mike and Dvorah (Drusoville, AL)

Hope this message finds you well. Thought we’d send another update. Dzimba is doing great! Even with our newest addition Quinn (9 months old last week). Although it was a long winter, we enjoyed the outdoors. And, we’re planning a family trip to the Adirondacks again later this Spring! His is a wonderful puppy – great character, snuggly, energetic, a great family dog and always ready for a hike! We are so happy we were able to adopt him from you. Thank you. We’ll be looking to adopt another puppy in the next year or so… that way Quinn and Dzimba have another playmate! Pictures attached. Enjoy!...Robyn (Yonkers, NY

Update - Josh and I are ready to start talking to you about adopting another Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy from you. You may recall, we adopted our eldest "child", Dzimba, from you . <<I've attached a couple of photos!>> He's goes everywhere with us! He's a PERFECT dog-child! And a great big brother. Quinn and Dzimba are best friends. They follow each other around and rarely leave each other's side. I'm confident there isn't a better dog! We couldn't be happier! We love him dearly! Will you have puppies available again in the coming months? Thank you,
Robyn (Yonkers, NY)

Here's a photo of our Caipi with Alexy taken today. Our puppy is healthy and a well established and happy family member! We will start starting obedience training next week. All the best, and a happy 2013.....Ingo (Stamford, CT)

After many years spent with a cat and no dogs, Olive is now a beloved member of our family. We spent a long time deciding on a breed, and we couldn't have chosen better than a Rhodesian Ridgeback. It's been 18 months since we picked up Olive after a 5-hour drive and an overnight stay in Cooperstown. Despite the distance, we wouldn't pick any other breeder. Royal Rhodesian promptly answered all our questions, sent numerous photos, and obviously cares greatly for their puppies. Olive is perfect for our family, being just the right blend of independent and cuddly. She is highly personable, and enjoys meeting people and dogs alike. Now our family can't imagine life without her! Cass (Baltimore, MD)

I just wanted to send along an update.  Molly's doing great here in West Hartford.  She checked in at 44 lbs a few weeks ago at the vet and has started to slow down, despite her still massive paws.  I found a great local place to let her run off leash with other dogs and she's making lots of pooch friends.  The kids love her (of course) and she's the favorite member of the family across the board -- we couldn't be happier.  Here are a few pictures for you.  I hope you're doing well and all of the Rhodesians at the Farm are too.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!